About Us

Learning Rhythms is the result of compiling numerous hand-written instructional notes into a cohesive workbook. I have accumulated the notes since the early 1970s. This project has taken me several years to complete, spurred on by the desire to offer a method for learning musical rhythms that might be of benefit to more than just my handful of students.

This web site adventure started in May 2007. At the present time this is a one person venture, added to an already full life. I will be as responsive as possible to your requests for products or information, and request your patience as I work to provide individual and personalized responses to each customer’s request.

Please feel free to email me with your comments and questions. I look forward to receiving your feed back.

In the future, I hope to expand the resources page to this web site. My goal is to provide quality references for enhancing rhythmic instruction and learning. Your suggestions are welcome.

Here’s to your rhythmic success.