Music Educator Book Evaluation

If you are a music educator and would like to evaluate this book to determine how it
can be best added to your teaching curriculum, I would like to offer you a special
evaluation edition of the e-book version of Learning Rhythms free of charge.

To qualify for this offer, please email me the following information so I can verify
your music educator status. My email address is Please
cut and paste the following six information prompters into your response and provide
your answers after each prompter. This will help me review your information.

1. Name

2. Email address (phone number optional)

3. School, institution, religious organization, business (i.e. music store), or other
private or public instructional organization where you provide music instruction or
music related activities. If you are a private music teacher please so state and indicate
your affiliation with any guild, teachers association, or professional music society.

4. Approximate number of music students you instruct or for whom you have

5. Professional Status – (place an “X” after all that apply)
Music Professor
Music Instructor (class room)
Music Conductor or Director
Private Music Teacher
Music Curriculum Developer
Music Program Administrator
Music Store Owner
Other (please specify)

6. Primary Area of Music Instruction - (place an “X” after all that apply)
Individual Instrument
Other Keyboard
Individual Voice
Other (please specify)

I would be interested in learning about common problems you experience in teaching
students musical rhythms. If you care to share these with me, please add your
comments to the email.

After you have completed your evaluation, I would appreciate hearing from you. I
would like to know if you think the material in the book is helpful or not helpful in
solving your instructional problems. I would also be interested in hearing your
suggestions for improving the book so that it might better assist you in teaching your

Thank you for your interest in Learning Rhythms.