Privacy Policy

May 7, 2010

Learning Rhythms, a publication of STN Solutions

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect, how it is used, how it is safeguarded, and how to contact us if you have any concerns.

What Information Is Collected:

The following information will be collected, as required, to process orders.

1. Name, 2. Shipping/Billing Address 3. Email address 4. Phone number. Additional financial information may be requested by PayPal for processing your order (Please refer to PayPal’s Privacy Policy).

Educators who are making a request to evaluate this book will be asked for the following information as part of the educator verification process.

1. Name, 2. Email address (phone number optional), 3. School, institution, religious organization, business, or other private or public instructional organization where you provide music instruction or music related activities. (If you are a private music teacher who does not have an organizational affiliation you will be asked to indicate your affiliation with
any guild, teachers association, or professional music society.), 4. Approximate number of music students you instruct or for whom you have responsibility, 5. Professional Status, 6. Primary Area of Music Instruction.

How That Information Is Used:

The information collected on this site will be used to fill orders, to contact buyers if they have questions, or to send emails with special offers. Educator information will be used to verify the educator’s status.

Our Commitment To The Security of Your Data:

No information, other than that listed above will be requested. If anyone representing STN Solutions, Learning Rhythms or this web site asks for any information other than that listed above, they are falsely representing STN Solutions, Learning Rhythms or this web site and should be immediately reported by contacting Learning Rhythms (see the Contact
Page). No information collected on this site will be sold or shared with a third party. Credit card or other financial information provided to STN Solutions - Learning Rhythms will be routinely destroyed following the sales transaction. (Note: Currently, all financial transactions are handled by a third party; i.e., bank or payment processor. No financial information is
provided directly to STN Solutions or Financial information given to PayPal or any other bank or payment processors will be handled in accordance with their respective privacy policies. Purchasers’ contact information will be securely maintained for the
purposes sited above.

Contact Us

Contact if you have any questions concerning this privacy policy.

NOTE: This site is hosted by Holistic Solutions. No information is collected by the hosting company.